Manipulators, End Effectors and Vacuums

Weightless lifting, moving, positioning and stacking

To cover a wide area of operation, these devices can be mounted on monorails or bridge cranes, suspended from the ceiling or mounted on columns.

Vacuum attachments can use basic support such as the Orbit-Arm, a pivoting joined arm which can assume innumerable positions within a 9.9 ft. radius. It can be fixed to a ceiling or wall, or can be mounted on a floor-fixed column or an electrically powered truck.

Manipulators rotate and position products efficiently and damage free.
The industrial applications are nearly unlimited for:

  • Composite Molds
  • Fabrication and Assembly
  • Materials/Metal Handling
  • Machining
  • Die and Mold Maintenance
  • Assembly Line

We can design solutions to meet your specific manipulator or vacuum requirements such as:

  • Molded Product Removal
  • Inspection and Repair
  • Leveling
  • Rotating