Below the Hook Devices / Attachments

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Coil Hooks (C-hook)

Modulus ensures the coil hook you use is the most appropriate for the job and will perform it safely….

Pallet Lifters

We will design and fabricate pallet lifters to meet your requirements.

Manipulators, End Effects, Vacuums

Monorails and manipulators can be mounted on monorails or bridge cranes, either suspended from the ceiling or mounted on columns.

Lifting Beam/ Spreader Beams

Modulus manufactures standard and/or custom fabricated lifting beams to accommodate your applications.

Rotation Spreader

Modulus will fabricate rotation spreaders to suit your below the hook requirements.

Sheet Lifters

We manufacture and custom fabricate sheet lifters for your below the hook requirements.

Coil Tongs and Coil Grabs

Modulus manufactures coil tongs and coil grabs to suit your under the hook applications. 

Rigging and Slings

Modulus supplies and fabricates slings for your lift applications including web fiber slings, wire rope slings and chain slings.