Push Back Pallet Storage System

No system packs more pallets per square foot when it comes to storage capacity than the Pushback pallet storage and retrieval system.
Cube density and selectivity are dramatically improved.

  • push2More Capacity-Significantly increases pallet density
  • More selectivity-Store different products (SKU’s) on each level
  • Lower Costs-No lost travel time entering racks.
  • Faster Operation-Pallets are accessed from aisle
  • Low Profile- Increases potential for a whole additional level of storage

Honey-combing is greatly reduced.
Pick faces are increased.
Retrieval times and labour costs are lowered.
Pushback is much safer than drive-in

Our engineers can design an new pushback pallet storage and retrieval system to suit your specific needs, using your existing frames and beams, and there are no specialized lift trucks required.

 pushback pushback2