Modulus can provide mezzanines that help you transform unused overhead space into valuable floor space.

  • Columns and obstructions are easily accommodated with minimal loss of space.
  • Openings and stairways can be located wherever they needed
  • Mezzanine load capacity can be increased in your heavy load areas.
  • Special handling systems can be integrated into the original design of the mezzanine

Site Analysis
We begin with an on-site analysis of your facility, taking into account such important factors such as dimensions, special physical characteristics, obstructions and requirements for mezzanine openings, stair locations and systems integration.

Manufacturing and Quality
Mezzanines are custom constructed from proven standards using materials selected for strength, rigidity and safety.

Simple Installation
The simple nut and bolt assembly allows quick installation by our personnel or yours. Many mezzanines projects are completely installed within one or two days.

Building Permits
The mezzanine manufacturer will assist the owner and or obtain for the owner, building permits for mezzanine structures when such permits are requested.

Mezzanine Elevator

Modulus can include a mezzanine elevator in the design and fabrication your mezzanine.

To complete the mezzanine project add shelving for extra storage. We are your one stop for storage systems from conception to completion.