Carton Flow Storage Systems

  Heavy duty Carton Flow Systems carry  a lot of weight!

flow_deckCarton Flow Storage Systems are tough enough to endure high impact, maximum weight applications, making it ideal for environments such as the automotive industry and other demanding environments.

First IN FIRST OUT (FIFO) is guaranteed, picking speeds are improved 100-200% and storage capacity is increased up to 30% compared to static shelving systems.

Because restockers and pickers work from different isles, contention between them is greatly reduced thus greatly enhancing productivity.

Choose from a variety of Heavy-Duty Carton Flow products for the flexibility you require to achieve a storage and retrieval system tailored to meet your needs.

cartonflow1aximum heavy-duty steel track for the most demanding high-impact, rugged environments that require flexibility and adjustability. Maxitrack’s heavy-duty wheels are re-enforced polypropylene mounted on a 4.5 mm. gauge steel with a riveted head. Each wheel has a load bearing of 12kgs. Optional flanged wheels available for straight product tracking.

Ideally, suited for just-in-time. (JIT) product lines. Lower cost, yet robust, high-impact plastic wheels with a load bearing of 6 kgs. per wheel. Comes with durable steel axles.
Flexible and easily adjustable for different size cartons. Available with 1 1/4 and 2″ wheel centers. Other size wheel centers and flanged wheels are available.

Staggered Bed – Ideal for abusive environments such as the automotive assembly line and/or when flowing a wide variety of heavy, corrugated cardboard or smooth-bottom
plastic loads.

Designed to self guide automotive returnable containers. Tough enough to endure extremely demanding applications. Adjustable track to fit containers of any size.

cartonflow2Also available: Full Width Roller

Perfect for flat bottom, same-size corrugated or plastic cartons. High-impact resistant. Rollers available in plastic, and plated or galvanized steel, 1.25″ 1.9″ and 2.5″ in diameter.

Flow Deck Span Track

Drop in Carton Flow track for single deep pallet rack.

  • Doubles your usable space
  • Maximizes density
  • Do-it-yourself Installation
  • Up-front product presentation
  • Full width rollers
  • Unique end cut fits onto standard beams