Gravity Conveyors

image009Gravity conveyors provide the answer to most material handling applications and are a very economical solution. Their almost continuous bearing surfaces make them ideal in production and warehousing applications, industrial or retail trades, and can support more weight than other conveyor systems.

They are highly flexible for easy layout modifications. Their simplicity in construction permits faster installation with a minimum of expertise and expense.

Conveyors are available in 5 ft. and 10 ft. standard lengths and 45 and 90 degree curves. Custom lengths and curves are available.

All rollers are manufactured with the highest quality components for long and dependable service. Each roller is equipped with spring loaded axles for fast, easy insertion and removal from frames and can be implemented into most systems in use.
Frame rails are supplied in widths to match roller BFR’s and have holes punched into 1 1/2″ centers for variable roller spacing on light and medium duty frames. Axle holes are punched to suit roller spacing on heavy duty frames.

Gravity Roller Spec Sheet

 spec1 spec1spec3

We offer a full range of roller conveyor accessories for use with such as supports, hinged gates, guard rails, ball transfer strips etc. Contact us to discuss your gravity conveyor requirements and request a quote.