Product Transfer Systems

Modulus will custom design a variety of product transfer systems to facilitate the quick and easy movement of all your products.  From basic carts on wheels to fully automated or radio controlled rail systems, our transfer systems simplify and accelerate the manufacturing process.

Product Transfer Carts

Modulus carries transfer carts and cars ranging in capacity from 500 lbs. to 100 tons and deck sizes to suit your application. We will custom fabricate and manufacture transfer carts for your optimal use.

Conveyor Systems

Modulus will custom design, fabricate and manufacture conveyor systems to suit your special needs. We can manufacture anything from simple gravity conveyors or complete turnkey conveyor systems in our plant.

Forklift Tow Carts

Modulus is pleased to work with you to provide you with forklift tow cart solutions. We can custom design, fabricate tow carts that create a more ergonomic and efficient work environment.