Portable and Stationary Jib Cranes

Modulus manufactures the finest jib cranes with the widest range of styles and capacities from manual to power driven.  Choose from standard models for basic requirements or custom built designs that go beyond standard to solve unique material handling problems.

  • Free Standing Utility Jib
  • Free Standing Base Plate Mounted
  • Wall Bracket Tie Rod Style
  • Wall Bracket Cantilever Style
  • Free Standing Base Plated Mounted Full Revolving Style

The jib crane to the right is one that was fabricated by Modulus for a client and now has a patent pending. This is just one example of how we custom fabricate a product to meet specific industry demands.

Talk to our engineers about your jib crane needs. We are pleased to work with you to design the best piece of equipment for the job.

High Capacity Multi-Purpose Jib Crane

Carney will design multi-purpose jib cranes to meet your specifications.

Spec sheet for the free standing plate mounted syle Model FSF-360



Foundation Requirements

Jib crane foundation requirements are based on soil pressure of 2500# per square foot. Concrete recommended for jib crane foundation is 3000# per square inch of compressive concrete.