Crane Kits, Components & Accessories

Crane Kit Features

  • Very economical – Capacity 0-5 tonsTop running and under running Single speeds or two speeds
  • Fully guaranteed
  • Assembly instructions provided

Crane Components

Modulus can supply your company with crane accessories for all your needs. Accessories such as cable pendants can be custom fabricated to suit your applications including runway electrification, cable pendant and radio controls


Runway Electrification

We carry the following runway electrification products:

Rigid Bus Bar

Festoon Cable

reelCable Reel

Cable Pendants

We carry cable pendants for industrial applications. We also design cable pendants for your custom applications.

radiocontrolsRadio Controls

The push-button remote control transmitters were specially designed to replace the conventional pendants used in lifting machinery. The operator using the new remote control equipment is no longer subject to the restricted movement involved when the cable pendant and now choose freely the best point from which to operate the machinery, as well as the direction and speed with which to move. This light-weight, ergonomically-designed remote-control transmitter improves safety levels, reduces operator fatigue and increases productivity.

These transmitters are made to withstand tough environmental conditions both indoors and out which makes the range ideal to use in industry and construction.