Tilt tables and Upenders

Modulus Upender Systems have 90 Degree smooth rotation using counter balance valve technology, so you never lose control of your loads center of gravity.  The sturdy frame can handle loads with a 5:1 safety factor. 

These products can be used:

  • To tilt product to an ergonomically friendly working position
  • To change the position of a product that is being worked on
  • To quickly load pallet trucks and to reduce the danger in changing the position of heavy loads.
  • To reduce the need for additional hoisting equipment.


  • ergonomic product positioning
  • Forklift replenishing reduced
  • FIFO stock rotation
  • Warehouse inventory reduced
  • Increased safety
  • increased  productivity
  • Requires only 120V and 80PSI to operate
  • Plastic returnable containers, wooden or steel pallets can be used
  • very low maintenance and easy to operate

PLC controller
Pinch point protection
Safety guarding
Emergency stop
Dual cylinder heavy duty stop gate
Pneumatic lift

Drive-On Tilt Tables

  • Are ideal for Pallet truck Loading
  • Do no need Form lifts, pits or ramps
  • Tilts parts to efficient work angle
  • Eliminate bending and stooping for parts
  • Increased productivity

The platforms can include:

  • conveyor or ball transfer tops
  • grooved to fit products
  • flanges for bolting
  • work holding devices for applications where a product on a line must be worked on from a different angle.

Click here for tilt table specifications and options then contact us for a quote for your applications.