Ergonomic Handling

Modulus custom designs a variety of product transfer systems to facilitate the quick and easy movement of all your products.  From basic carts on wheels to fully automated or radio controlled rail systems, our transfer systems simplify and accelerate the manufacturing process.

Lift Tables

We supply both pneumatic, hydraulic, lift tables, as stationary or portable units. The lift tables can be designed to be electrically or manually operated. We can fabricate lift tables from mild steel, stainless steel or galvanized steel and painted with standard  machinery enamel or food grade epoxy paint.

Rotating Lift Systems

Modulus manufactures smooth running rotating tables, turntables and carousel systems They can be designed to have 360 Degree continuous rotation, restricted movement with detents, or have stops added to suit your application.

Tilt Tables & Upenders

Our upender Systems have 90 Degree smooth rotation using counter balance valve technology, never losing control of the loads center of gravity.  The platforms can include conveyor or ball transfer tops, grooved to fit products and flanges.

Stackers & Work Positioners

Work positioners are ideal for positioning pallets and skids to help avoid back strain and injury without the need for a lift truck. Modulus manufactures Pallet Inverters which allow workers to switch out pallets with ease.  The open face designs are easy for loading and unloading, which reduces man-hours and risk of injury.  Turnkey features enable operators to load and go.


Often the best solution for quickly emptying bulk containers are the use of dumpers. When you load containers directly onto the dumper you require fewer man-hours, injury due to strain or repetitive stress is reduced, productivity is increased and operating costs are minimized.