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Mezzanine Elevator

One excellent feature of a recent mezzanine we fabricated for a client was a mezzanine elevator. This enabled the client to easily store heavier items on the 2nd floor without having to risk injury bringing it up a flight of stairs.  Putting wire mesh around the elevator reduces the risk of products falling below during the lift.  Please see the photos below and the actual mezzanine at: You can learn more about Modulus Mezzanines at:

Custom Conveyor Turnkey Solution

This system consists of approx. 2,000’ of roller conveyor (powered and gravity), lift tables and rotate tables.
Stage #1)  Forklift operators can load a full days production (packaging) in advance (evening shift).
Stage#2)   Packaging personnel ergonomically consolidate the various products into a custom ordered package.
Stage #3)  The new package is transferred along roller system (with rotation) for quality control inspection and to stretch wrapping.
Stage #4)  Package is automatically scanned and wrapped through Lantech machine.
Stage #5)  Dispensed bundles are set to picking area for loading into trucks.

This system is turnkey migrating production with packaging and picking.  Contact Modulus to design a system for you. Visit our site at or call us direct at 905-664-4425 . Click here to view video of this system