About Us

Modulus Handling Systems Inc. was established in February 2008 and the the owners have been in the material handling field for over 30 years and is becoming well known in the industry for providing engineered solutions for our customers.

Modulus Handling Systems Inc.has designed and manufactured custom, quality material handling equipment for companies in all major industries. We will continue to provide these industries with material handling solutions that meet or exceed industrial manufacturing standards while maintaining excellent value.

Modulus pays attention to manufacturing methods and focus on improving all processes, as new/improved technology and procedures develop. We will always seek innovative methods of design, process and production that will be to our benefit, but more importantly to the benefit of all our customers, throughout North America and beyond.

Modulus Handling Systems
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“Modulus Handling Systems Inc. is a systems integrator, design and fabrication firm which manufactures Industrial Material Handling Products; Specializing in customized Turnkey Manufacturing Solutions.”